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Pressure Demeaning Turbines

Pressure demeaning turbines are equipment that are revolutionizing the production process dependent on steam as a source of thermal energy.

So, if your company is looking for more innovation and technology, Wortice offers this product with full guarantee of quality, sustainability and safety.

Each production process demands a certain temperature and, consequently, a certain steam pressure.

From the Pressure demeaning turbines, it is possible to treat the steam pressure, reducing it to suit the process and, at the same time, producing electric energy, without wastage.

Currently, the lowering of steam pressure is done through valves and with this innovation of pressure demeaning turbines, the proposal is to improve power generation with the same effect on steam, offering savings for the industry.

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The steam generated in the boiler under high pressure and temperature is injected into the turbine, where the pressure and temperature will be mechanically lowered by the same to the condition demanded by the industry.

After leaving the backpressure turbines, this steam, still with a lot of thermal energy, is used in the several processes.

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What does a <strong>Steam Reducing Turbine</strong> do and who buys this product?

What does a Steam Reducing Turbine do and who buys this product?

Pressure demeaning turbines are designed for industries that have points where the customer needs to make a steam pressure adjustment.

So, currently this steam lowering process is carried out through valves, where energy is wasted, spending fuel to put thermal energy in the steam and, later, it passes through a valve to lower the steam pressure, according to the process.

Then, there is the pressure reduction taking the thermal energy out of the steam.

It was because of this process that there was the development of lowering pressure turbines, which remove energy from steam and transform this thermal energy into electrical energy.

Then, with the Pressure demeaning turbines, the use of thermal energy, the lowering of the steam, as well as the valve process, and still generates, in an effective and healthy way, electric energy.

Therefore, this equipment is intended for industries that have this steam lowering process through valves, in which the installation of this turbine can offer better energy use.

What is the process of producing this service?

In the production process of the pressure - reducing turbines, Wortice presents a differential that is in the way in which the construction takes place.

It is a completely customized project and with the total work of the engineering team that works so that each customer has developed a new project and that its conception is one of a compact equipment as a generation group, fully automated and autonomous.

It is equipment that will be installed in the plant, it will not depend on operation, when there is a need to lower the steam it will do it, generate energy and, through this generation, it will add energy to the customer's plant.

How long does it take to manufacture a pressure demeaning turbine?

The time varies according to each project, as Wórtice exclusively serves all clients on a case-by-case basis, thoroughly analyzed and planned.

It is an average that will be confirmed by the company after evaluating the project to be executed.

How is the product price calculated?

The value of the equipment is calculated according to each project, as we take into consideration the real needs of each client for the development of the steam turbine gearbox.

Furthermore, Wórtice offers a one-year warranty for this equipment and all others produced by the company.

It is an innovative equipment for the market. It is a completely new design that covers lower power ranges, which current manufacturers have no intention to work on and provide. It brings the potential for improvement in energy generation efficiency.

Translation in Portuguese:

Wortice Turbines Power Range


Equipment Model Power (kW)
WX 500 100-500
WX 1000 500-1000
WX 1500 1000-1500
WX 2000 1500-2000
WX 2500 2000-2500
WX 3000 2500-3000
WX 4000 3000-4000
WX 5000 4000-5000


General Specifications

Rotation (RPM)

According to Project

Maximum steam inlet pressure bar (a)


Maximum steam inlet temperature bar °C


Maximum steam outlet pressure bar (g)

As the Customer Requirement


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Where can I find a company that offers pressure demeaning turbine?

Where can I find a company that offers pressure demeaning turbine?

Headquartered in one of the cities with the largest industrial area in the country of São Paulo, Wortice is able to adequately meet market demands throughout the national territory, with total excellence in the service dedicated to each customer.

The company from Sertãozinho - SP is specialized in the manufacture of lowering pressure turbines.

The effectiveness of the solutions provided, compliance with delivery deadlines and the offer of technology combined with high quality in the development of the entire project, are also Wortice’s strengths.

More about Wortice

Our team of specialists in lowering pressure turbines works with 24-hour support. We have a team for urgent and emergency situations that are always able to meet the most diverse situations. With excellent service, our team has the right experience to meet any type of demand in a dedicated and exclusive way.

Here at Wortice you will find specialist technicians and also with a specialized team that is always "in loco" to meet demands throughout the national territory.

We have professionals with more than 40 years of experience and our own factory, allowing us to offer greater security and a one-year warranty on all our services and equipment, as well as support and technical assistance for any type of situation.


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