Know important features about the|  Turbo generator Manufactory

Know important features about theTurbo generator Manufactory

Similar to what happens to the turbo generator company, the turbo generator factory is specialized in this type of equipment made with a steam turbine, which can be used together with an electric generator. The turbo generator manufactory meets several demands, which function as auxiliary power units. It’s possible to find the basic loads, which is very efficient for performing several procedures.

Main features of turbo generator factory

  • Produces reliable and high-quality equipment;
  • It develops items that hardly require constant maintenance;
  • Provides the most positive customer support.

It’s important to highlight that the steam turbine is developed to drive different types of equipment, such as in thermoelectric plants of the most varied powers. Therefore, to acquire it, it’s essential to have specialized factories.

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Where to find Turbo generator Manufactory?

Wortice is a turbo generator factory that operates within the highest quality standard, as it has a highly technological infrastructure. The company also offers industrial solutions in power generation, providing an experienced workforce prepared to perform their tasks, always with appropriate parts and tools. Wortice provides a totally dedicated service to each of its customers.

Headquartered in Sertãozinho, a city that integrates the metropolitan region of Ribeirão Preto, in the country of São Paulo, Wortice has process autonomy and a robust structure strategically designed to serve the entire production line, both in the provision of services and in the supply of parts and components. In addition, Wortice’s objective is to provide technological solutions using maintenance engineering expertise in order to make customers have the peace of mind to focus so and only on their own production processes.

High quality of processes and punctuality represent two of the main Wortice’s values, a turbo generator factory that, in addition to being planned to serve a restricted and selected customer base, prioritizes the effectiveness of the solutions provided, meeting the delivery times established in any circumstances. The autonomy of Wortice’s processes, as well as its robust structure, were designed to serve the entire production line.​

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