Information about the  |  Condensing Turbine Manufacturer

Information about the Condensing Turbine Manufacturer

The condensing turbine manufactory supplies this equipment which is developed to be applied mainly to drive power generators. The condensing turbine manufactory works to maximize the power generation, requiring steam for the process to take place.

That is, the condensing turbine manufactory requirements steam, which can be used or reused in the process, in order to meet some demand of an industrial process. For these cases, a controlled or uncontrolled extraction block can be added to the turbine.

Also, the condensing turbine manufactory offers machinery that is widely used in thermoelectric power plants. In such a way, these turbines have a condenser, which discharges the steam at a pressure that is lower than atmospheric pressure, that is, vacuum condensers.

In other words, the condensing turbine manufactory offers a product capable of generating numerous benefits, which it’s possible to mention:

  • It’s a highly effective equipment in the performance of your processes;
  • The condensing turbine works with a high level of precision;
  • This equipment still has a high level of optimization when put into practice in a given production chain;
  • Other activities can gain flow, thus promoting a positive cycle for the industry that makes use of this type of turbine;
  • Also, this type of turbine is made with robust and resistant raw materials.

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With technological infrastructure and an experienced and qualified workforce, Wortice is a condensing turbine manufactory that, among other benefits, offers different industrial solutions in power generation. Although its physical headquarters are located in Sertãozinho, in the region of Ribeirão Preto, in the country of São Paulo, Wortice operates throughout Brazil.

In addition, Wortice has been improving in a relevant way to increasingly meet the demands of industries that are open to investing in clean, sustainable and reliable energy. Know more!

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