The importance of  | clean energy companies

The importance of clean energy companies

Fundamental for several processes that involve the use of energy, clean energy companies have in the industries their main scenarios of action. The wood industries for example, they are precisely the ones that, in addition to processing wood, have tons of discarded wood scraps every day without any kind of reuse. In practice, by the way, they can use these residues to be burned, making them serve as fuel and act in processes such as the ones below:

  • Heat generation;
  • Boiler heating with water;
  • Consequential generation of steam.

By inserting an energy generating plant in this procedure, which in itself exemplifies one of the greatest specialties of clean energy companies, it can become viable to use its steam to turn the turbine, which is coupled to a gearbox., providing greater force in the rotor coupled to a power generator, which, as its name suggests, will be responsible for generating the energy in vogue.

Thus, as well as through the support of clean energy companies, the “garbage” wood residue ends up being used as fuel, generating energy for industries and considering that, before, it was discarded as garbage.

Depending on the size of the power plant operated by the clean energy companies, it’s possible to generate 100% of energy for own consumption and/or sell the excess to the grid.

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Clean energy companies promote solid business

Wortice is a clean energy company that, among other differentials, offers industrial solutions in power generation. In addition to it, Wortice focuses on providing on-site technical assistance for predictive, preventive and emergency maintenance. In some cases, the professionals who work in the company can also promote operational interventions, as well as the replacement of parts and components.

Installations, commissioning and start-up also represent some of the services provided by Wortice, which also promotes inspections with the preparation of a technical report and performance monitoring. Wortice distinguishes itself from the clean energy companies in the market for operating in all five regions of Brazil, although its headquarters are located in Sertãozinho, a city that belongs to the region of Ribeirão Preto.

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