Learn about the importance of  | Energy Solutions companies

Learn about the importance of Energy Solutions companies

Energy solution companies are highly demanded by today's industries, because different market segments need their services so that an entire production chain is formatted with efficiency and precision.

This is because power generation solution companies provide industrial-level power generation and maintenance services for different types of equipment that deal directly with energy production, which turns out to be essential, especially if taken into consideration is obtaining clean and sustainable energy.

Among the main equipment that power generation solution companies perform maintenance, it’s possible to mention:

  • Steam Turbine Solutions: may include complete recovery of patent metal bearings, rotors, plus metallization done on shafts. Apart from that, some engineering services can also be provided, such as the modernization of steam turbines, repowering of steam turbines, as well as some adaptations of the type
  • Retrofit, reform carried out on the turbines and inspections on the steam turbines complete the picture;
  • Solutions for gearboxes: it also undergoes recovery in patent metal bearings and metallization of the shafts, in addition to tooth grinding. Engineering services are indicated, such as the repowering of gearboxes, as well as operational adaptation and modernization of gearboxes;
  • Solutions for power plants and power generators, and Wortice is one of the power generation solutions companies that work both with the parts and components manufacturing sector and with maintenance and engineering.

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Wortice is one of the power generation solutions companies that offer smart alternatives to the most different customer profiles. Headquartered in Sertãozinho, in the region of Ribeirão Preto, in the country of São Paulo, the institution respects previously established Delivery times and, in addition, also aims to provide technological solutions through the use of maintenance engineering expertise in order to make customers have the peace of mind to focus on their own production processes. Know more!

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