Why is it advantageous to buy | Back Pressure Turbine?

Why is it advantageous to buy Back Pressure Turbine?

Buying a backpressure turbine means having a very efficient equipment that offers security in the performance of several processes, especially for the equipment operators. The turbine optimizes the activities carried out in several segments and ensures the maximum use of resources, being a key element in the supply of clean, sustainable energy that is independent of natural factors. It’s an apparatus made of resistant materials that require little maintenance or early replacement of parts, which allows the professional to invest in other areas of the organization, such as intensifying market presence or hiring personnel. In other words, buying a back pressure turbine is necessary for several reasons.

It should be noted that back pressure turbines are adopted as soon as the boiler pressure is observed to be greater than the pressure of the steam consumed in the production process. They are inserted into the steam line, after the boiler and before the process. The so-called 'cogeneration' is characterized when the same steam that will be consumed in the process is used to generate electricity. In these cases, the increase in fuel consumption is not significant in relation to the generation and savings provided in electricity.

When buying a back pressure turbine, what you have at your disposal is a mechanism that has a discharge controlled by an adjustment valve, which makes it possible to meet several usage requirements. It’s available in different powers, is easy to install and, in some cases, is marketed with accessories that expand its performance possibilities.

In which market segments is it recommended to buy <strong>Back Pressure Turbine?</strong>

In which market segments is it recommended to buy Back Pressure Turbine?

  • Dairy products;
  • Sugar-energy;
  • Wood;
  • Rice plant;
  • Pulp and Paper;
  • Steel;
  • Forest Biomass;
  • Beverages;
  • Fertilizers;
  • Flow Makers;
  • Citrus;
  • Livestock;
  • Oil and gas;
  • Furniture;
  • WTE;
  • Thermoelectric;
  • Chemical;
  • Açai.

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