Looking for Energy | Generator group company?

Looking for Energy Generator group company?

Essential for several processes, the power generator group company has in the industries its main means of action and in the biomass the fuel most used in its procedures. Taking the timber industries as a base, for example, one can come to the conclusion that it’s precisely they that process wood and, on a daily basis, have a large amount of scrap wood discarded without any type of reuse.

Such industries, by the way, can use these residues to make them burn, serving as fuel and acting in processes such as the following:

  • Heat generation;
  • Presence of fire that heats a boiler with water;
  • Subsequent steam propagation.

The energy generating plant used in this procedure is coupled to a gearbox, providing greater force in the rotor coupled to a power generator, which, as its name implies, will be responsible for generating the energy in question.

Thus, as well as through the support of the power generator group company, the wood residue ends up being used as fuel, generating energy for the industries. Before, it was discarded as an environmental liability, if “ transforming” recently into usable fuel.

Finally, it can be said that, depending on the size of the power plant worked by the power generator company, it’s possible to generate 100% of energy for its own consumption and/or simply sell the excess to the energy distributor.

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Wortice, whose main values are quality and punctuality, is a power generator group company that operates with excellence in the industrial segment, as it offers different solutions in power generation that have biomass as their main fuel.

In addition to it, Wortice is an independent power generator company that aims to provide technological solutions using maintenance engineering expertise in order to give customers the peace of mind to focus on their own production processes. With cutting-edge experience, Wortice works with engineering, manufacturing, maintenance of parts and components and other fronts. Know more!

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