The real importance of the | thermoelectrical plant

The real importance of the thermoelectrical plant

The thermoelectrical plant factory is, basically, an industrial type installation that has generates electric energy through a process in which energy is released through fuels such as biomass.

Through the burning of biomass, the thermoelectrical plant generates similar production methods, with variations only in terms of the fuels used. In Brazil, the thermoelectrical plant factory is considered a highly strategic resource, since through it one can supply energy requirements in dry season, a period in which hydroelectric plants fail to supply all their demand.

In general terms, the thermoelectrical plant makes use of a boiler, which is heated with water, which ends up producing steam.

Consequently, after moving the turbines, the steam ends up being conducted to a condenser, where it undergoes the cooling process so that it can be reused in another new cycle.

The thermoelectrical plant produces electricity through kinetic energy, which occurs with the passage of steam through the turbine, changing the mechanical power into electrical power.

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Wortice is a specialized thermoelectrical plant factory, as it operates within the highest standard of excellence. The company has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, with a high level of quality and technology. Wortice has the differential of offering a totally dedicated service to the customer and, although its headquarters are located in Sertãozinho, in the region of Ribeirão Preto, in the country of São Paulo, it operates throughout the Brazilian territory. The autonomy of the processes and the company's robust structure were designed to serve the entire production line, whether in the provision of services or in the supply of parts and components.

In addition to it, Wortice’s main objective as a thermoelectrical power plant factory is to provide technological solutions through its expertise in maintenance engineering, in order to give customers, the peace of mind to focus on their own production processes. Quality and punctuality represent two of Wortice’s goals. Know more!

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