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Information about Steam Turbine

In order to find out about buying high quality steam turbines, it’s important to research the supplier's experience. After all, it’s a very efficient equipment to keep several industrial processes in activity and avoid inconvenience with raw material losses, for example.

The resource also works in the conversion of steam and is applied in several industrial segments, such as petrochemicals, sugar and alcohol plants and so on. The purchase of steam turbines is fundamental for the optimization of production chains that aim to keep systems running. However, as it’s an equipment that deals with great demands and is connected for long periods, it’s common for it to present problems, which requires the performance of a company specialized in the maintenance segment.

This organization must act in accordance with all quality and safety standards, in addition to offering personalized service, focused on satisfying the requirements of the place where the steam turbine is to be purchased. In practice, it’s also crucial that this company makes the items with strong and durable materials.

Here, there are some of the procedures performed during the service:

  • Inspections on steam turbine blades;
  • Checking the lubrication conditions;
  • Rotor recovery;
  • Operational adjustments.

When supported by an experienced company, the customer in the industrial segment acquires high quality products, all of which are made in accordance with all the standards of regulatory agencies.

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Headquartered in Sertãozinho, in the region of Ribeirão Preto, in the country of São Paulo, Wortice is a company that manufactures and sells steam turbines. Through the equipment, it’s possible to generate clean and sustainable energy, since it’s independent of natural factors, when the same does not happen with regard to solar and wind energy.

Wortice is also independent and has its own factory. Learn more with the company whose main objective is to provide technological solutions through expertise in maintenance engineering, in order to make customers have the peace of mind to focus only on their own production processes.

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