Learn why Steam Turbine Generators  | are Advantageous

Learn why Steam Turbine Generators are Advantageous

The steam turbo generator is an equipment developed to be applied in thermoelectric power plants, it has a wide range of powers and can have its operation based on the experience of processes of its manufacturer, being able to be used in steam turbines.

There are some benefits that must be highlighted in the steam turbo generator:

  • The steam turbo generator is an equipment with high performance capacity, which is reflected in an assertive way in industrial processes, always with great demands and requirements;
  • The steam turbo generator operates with a high level of efficiency, which is fundamental when considering the use in an industrial environment, considering that the aim is to minimize errors and maximize results;
  • The steam turbo generator also allows an essential optimization of processes, when through its entire production chains can have their rhythm working without any loss of quality;
  • Regarding its lifespan, it’s considered by specialists and its users as optimal, and can be extended by maintenance actions throughout its use;

The steam turbo generator is a safe investment.

Among the repairing actions that can be carried out to extend its lifespan, we can highlight: emergency maintenance, corrective maintenance, predictive maintenance and operational monitoring. It’s important to emphasize that this service must be provided by a company that has experience in the subject.

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Wortice is a specialist in the manufacture and maintenance of steam turbo generators, offering a dedicated service for each customer, with a high-quality standard, working in all the national territory with practical and intelligent solutions.

Wortice is an institution that, in addition to being located in Sertãozinho, in the region of Ribeirão Preto, in the country of São Paulo, has process autonomy and a robust structure strategically designed to serve the entire production line, both in the provision of services and in the supply of parts and components. Know more!

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