Wortice carries out the recovery and overhaul of a steam turbine gearbox for thermoelectric

Every steam turbine in a thermal power plant must have a gearbox. It optimizes production, having in Wortice professionals the reference to carry out the recovery and repair of gearbox for thermoelectric power plant.

The recovery and renovation of a steam turbine gearbox for a thermoelectric plant is the subject of this content prepared by Wortice.

What does a steam turbine gearbox do?

The gearbox is present in thermoelectric plants and also in any type of industry that uses steam turbines and other equipment with torque, speed and rotation. It is the gearbox responsible for optimizing production.

This optimization happens because the gearbox of steam turbines for thermoelectric plants, whose recovery and renovation is a specialty of Wortice, reduces the speed of an electric motor present in thermoelectric plants. So, the gearbox:

  • Improves rotation;
  • Reduces noise and vibration during operation.

Where is the steam turbine gearbox used?

The steam turbine gearbox is responsible for improving the rotation of an electric motor, optimizing production in a thermoelectric plant. This is the main function of a steam turbine gearbox that we are all familiar with.

Wortice team specializes in the recovery and renovation of steam turbine gearboxes , providing individualized service according to the specific requires of each thermoelectric plant.

Importance of thermoelectric plants

Brazil's energy security is also guaranteed through thermoelectric plants. According to the National Electric Energy Agency, Aneel, the country has more than three thousand in operation (more than half in the Southeast region) and more than a hundred under construction.

A thermoelectric plant can be operated using raw material of fossil origin (natural gas, diesel oil, petroleum derivatives, mineral coal) or biomass (from agro-industry, forests, urban solid waste or liquid).

Contact Wortice and learn about everything the company can do for your thermoelectric plant, about the recovery and renovation of a steam turbine gearbox for thermoelectric with experience and technology.

Recovery and renovation of a steam turbine gearbox

The lifespan of any industrial equipment in a thermoelectric plant has a fixed term. With the steam turbine gearbox is no different.

The steam turbine gearbox performs with its function of optimizing production by reducing the torque, speed and rotation of an electric motor in a thermoelectric plant, within ideal parameters.

When these parameters are out of control, there can be danger and alteration in the operational capacity in a thermoelectric plant, the steam turbine gearbox requires to undergo recovery and repair.

The recovery and repair of a steam turbine gearbox must be carried out by a specialized company, following all the necessary and foreseen procedures for a thermoelectric plant and employing specific knowledge and state-of-the-art technology. So, count on Wortice. By clicking here, you can learn more about the company and how your thermoelectric plant will be served.


When choosing Wortice for the recovery and repair of steam turbines for thermoelectric gearboxes, you have exclusive advantages, such as:

  • speed in the rehabilitation of the gearbox and resumption of the use of the machinery of which it is part;
  • best cost-benefit on the market, avoiding unnecessary expenses with the purchase of new equipment;
  • attention dedicated to each customer, from the first contact to the final delivery.

Wortice differentials in the recovery and reform of steam turbine gearbox

Wortice has professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the recovery and renovation of steam turbine gearboxes. This gives the company the credibility that the market requires, when this service must be carried out in a thermoelectric plant.

In addition to the competence of the Wortice team , the company also has state-of-the-art equipment in a large structure capable of receiving the most different steam turbines present in a thermoelectric plant.

Customized designs and exclusive parts and components for thermoelectric steam turbines are also Wortice trademark. In order to accomplish this, our company presents other differentials:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency call
  • Technical team available for on-site assistance
  • Factory and Team available 24 hours a day
  • 100% Brazilian technology
  • Environmental & Social Responsibility

Wortice steam turbine gearbox

Our specialized team is waiting for your contact to offer you and your thermoelectric plant the best in steam turbine gearbox recovery and renovation for thermoelectric power plants .


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