Wood chip – The fuel to generate energy in Wortice turbines!

Have you ever heard of wood chips?

Today, the large plantations of eucalyptus and pine are no longer intended only for the pulp and paper industry, as it used to be.

Most of these plantations are called “energy forests”.

Energy forests are intended for the production of electricity through the use of wood and forest residues from trees as fuel for power generation.

And this works in the following way: after the trees have grown properly, they are felled and separated into logs, which are in turn chopped and transformed into wood chips.

Due to its high calorific value, that is, the amount of energy released in its burning, which, in this case, can be summarized as heat, the chip is used as fuel in boiler furnaces, which produce steam at high pressure and temperature, feeding turbo generators and producing electricity efficiently and at low operating costs.

This type of biomass is cultivated on a large scale in the southern and southeastern regions of Brazil, and contributes to reducing the need for deforestation of native forests, in addition to contributing to the generation of jobs and the diversification of local energy sources.

Thus, wood chips become one of the most efficient and cheapest energy sources at the moment for power generation.


Wortice’s steam turbines and thermoelectric plants meet this type of power generation with efficiency and low operating cost, starting from the burning of wood chips.


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