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Are you looking for a company that operates in the field of power generation and performs the acquisition of Turn Key Plants?

Wortice is in the market with professionals who have more than 40 years of experience in this area and offer the best integrated solutions focused on meeting the special needs of each customer.

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What is the Turn Key Plant for <strong>Power Generation service?</strong>

What is the Turn Key Plant for Power Generation service?

This modality offers the customers the entire ready and fully integrated solution for a power generation plant.

From this solution, the customer does not have to worry about the processes involved, as we are responsible for the entire project, covering all stages of production and completion.

This Turn Key Plants for Power Generation is nothing more than the customer buying the finished project, with the equipment already integrated and the entire engineering process that we offer.

How is this service performed?

Through the survey of the customer's process, needs and characteristics are mapped.

Through this point, we develop a customized solution on a case-by-case basis, that is, each customer will have a different solution to meet their needs.

From this mapping, we made the equipment specification needed to compose this solution and developed the project as a whole for power generation and also to meet any other greater demand that the customer needs, such as the supply of thermal energy and/or electrical energy.

It is important to point out that the turn- key supply must always be carried out by a company that has all the knowledge about it, both in terms of equipment and thermal plant engineering, to carry out the project design and then carry out all the equipment integration in this plant and continue the constant monitoring.

Wortice offers an extra benefit to its customers, we carry out the preliminary study of the Turn Key Plant for Power Generation at no cost to the customer.

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Is there a <strong>specific process?</strong>

Is there a specific process?

The process of performing the Turn Key Plants for Power Generation service is specific and customized for each demand.

So, the customer has a development with a different composition depending on each individual case.

Wortice will always work for each customer individually, meeting their needs and delivering the best project. In addition to it, all services performed have the recommendation to completely follow the rules so that no unforeseen event occurs.

How long does it take to complete the service?

The time depends on the project needs.

Consequently, when we meet with the customer to analyze the project and start the work, we will have a forecast of the time that our project will take.

However, this variation can be around 250 to 300 days for the service to be performed, following all the standards so that it is delivered with complete safety and quality.

How is this service calculated?

The price is different for each type of solution and customer needs. From the moment we plan the real customer needs, the used equipment, the way in which this service will be performed, we will have a price forecast and everything will be negotiated with the customer.

Which segments is this service recommended?

The Turn Key Plants for Energy Generation service is recommended for any industry that has the potential to generate energy from waste and for any industry that already uses heat generation in its production process, as we can also set up a cogeneration of heat and electricity.

Where can we find it?

Your search for a company that offers Turn Key Plants for Power Generation is over. Wortice is headquartered in the country of São Paulo state, in Sertãozinho, but meets and supplies the needs of the market throughout Brazil.

We are an industrial solutions company in power generation, specialized in the service of Turn Key Plants for Power Generation.

We always prioritize the effectiveness of the solutions provided, meeting delivery deadlines and, above all, offering technology combined with high quality in the development of the entire project.

More about Wortice?

Wortice provides individualized service for each customer need.

We have a repertoire of complete solutions for our customers to have peace of mind, to focus on their production processes. We offer 24-hour service available for emergencies and we have a team of specialized technicians in our factory and we also have a field team to work for our customers throughout the country.

The main differential of Wortice is the total excellence in the service dedicated to each customer, this is our most important objective.

We have professionals with over 40 years of expertise, our own factory and we offer a one-year warranty on our equipment and services, in addition to offering integral and constant monitoring and having a fully planned structure for any situation.

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