Turbines - Saying NO to waste

Reducing turbines are nothing more than back-pressure turbines, applied in order to condition the steam that leaves the boilers to the conditions required by the industrial process.

Several industries usually use simple reducing valves In order to do it purpose, which in many cases is a waste, because the energy lost in the valve to condition the steam is not reused in any way, being totally lost.

As an example: a boiler supplies steam at 10 kgf/cm², and the process requirements steam at 3 kgf/cm². To lower this pressure, a turbine can be installed between the boiler and the process. The steam enters the turbine at 10 kgf/cm², and leaves at 3 kgf/cm², already under the conditions required in the industrial process.

In this lowering of pressure (hence the name of lowering turbine), the turbine takes advantage of the enthalpy fall of the steam, that is, its energy loss, to generate kinetic energy, moving a generator, and producing electricity.

It’s worth remembering that it’s also possible to work with saturated steam, and with any level of pressure reduction.

This is an extremely advantageous solution, as the investment is low, and the payback, that is, the return on investment, is extremely fast.

Wortice’s turbo generators and thermoelectric plants meet this type of generation with efficiency and low operating costs.

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