Turbines for electricity generation

The electricity generation market has never been so in evidence. After all, thanks to technology, there are many modes of generation, making the Brazilian electrical matrix begin to diversify.

Among the technologies present are those that use steam turbines. And it is about the Wortice Energy steam turbines that you will learn more about in this content.

Wortice Energy is a reference in the turbine market for electric power generation with the most modern solutions for different areas of activity . At Wortice Energy you can count on professionals with over 45 years of experience in steam turbines for electric power generation, such as Counter Pressure, Condensation, Energy Microgeneration and Pressure Lowering.

How are steam turbines used to generate electricity?

Wortice Energy 's steam turbines play a fundamental role in the electricity generation process. These are turbines for generating electricity that will use steam, from the evaporation of water or the burning of biomass, for example, to generate energy.

At first, the energy generated by Wortice Energy 's turbines for electricity generation is kinetic. That is: it is the result of the movement of steam turbines.

Then, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, which is sent to the utility grid.

Companies that use turbines to generate electricity

Wortice Energy is a company that seeks efficiency and technology in steam turbines . Therefore, the company operates on several fronts, offering 360º solutions that range from customized projects to maintenance, including parts and components.

Wortice Energy 's Engineering department is attentive to the demands of customers and the market and develops specific turbine projects for electricity generation.

All these differentials allow Wortice Energy to serve, with excellence and commitment, the following segments:


  • açaí production
  • food and drinks
  • rice farmer
  • forest biomass
  • citrus growing
  • wood companies
  • fertilizers
  • lumber
  • furniture maker
  • oil and gas
  • Paper And Cellulose
  • livestock
  • chemical
  • urban solid waste
  • steel mills
  • sugar energy
  • thermoelectric


To learn more about each of these areas of activity of Wortice Energy in turbines for electricity generation, contact us . When talking to Wortice Energy 's attendants, ask for more information about Back Pressure, Condensing, Power Microgeneration and Pressure Lowering steam turbines.

Wortice Energy 's electric power generation turbines?

With professionals with over 45 years of experience in turbines for electric power generation , Wortice Energy has followed the advancement of technology and the market to offer equipment that is increasingly aligned.

Therefore, the structure of Wortice Energy is prepared to make the following turbine models available for electric power generation.

Condensing Steam Turbines

Used for small, medium and large companies that need maximum performance from turbines for electricity generation.


Back Pressure Steam Turbines

For steam systems where the use of steam is continuous and requires pressure to be reduced to safe parameters of use.

Turbines for Power Microgeneration

Customized project with the Wortice Energy brand for small and medium-sized companies that need a safe and viable alternative for generating electricity.

Pressure Lowered Turbines

Revolutionary model in the segment of turbines for electricity generation, its function is to adjust the steam pressure to the level required by the system.

Company specialized in turbines for electricity generation

You can easily find companies that work with turbines for generating electricity . But only Wortice Energy is specialized.

With professionals with over 45 years of experience in the market, Wortice Energy has all the tools you need to meet your demand for electric power generation turbines.

In addition to having an exquisite Engineering department, Wortice Energy also offers the market a complete package of 360º solutions. Learn more about Wortice Energy , its turbines for electricity generation and become part of the most satisfied customers on the market!


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