Steam turbines for power generation with wood

Did you know that the generation of energy with wood also depends on the use and proper functioning of steam turbines?

In this content prepared by Wortice professionals, you will understand better about this relationship and also know why the company is a reference in steam turbines for several sectors of the economy, such as power generation with wood .

Wood as a raw material for power generation

The generation of energy with wood is an alternative to traditional sources, usually fossils with finitude and aggression to the environment. Using wood or waste (chips and sawdust) found in a timber plant, costs are lower, environmental impact is reduced and high technology is used.


Wood as a raw material for power generation is so widely used that, according to studies, more than half of the world's wood production gets combustion and consequent power generation.

If we look at Brazil, this number is even higher: almost 70% of all production is destined for the generation of energy with wood.

Best solutions

Therefore, and increasingly, it is necessary that an entire chain be developed for the generation of energy with wood. In order to contribute with knowledge, technology and the best solutions, Wortice , a company with professionals with more than 40 years of experience, also operates in this sector, making its Process Engineering and Maintenance department available for steam turbines for of energy with wood.

How to generate energy with wood

As we have already seen, the generation of energy with wood is a subject that still has an extensive field to be explored and developed. When appropriate technological solutions are applied, timber plants can become self-sufficient in power generation with wood.

But how does power generation with wood happen? In a very simple way, the generation of energy with wood uses the by-products of this material as a primary source for burning.

The steam from this burning process will run the steam turbines present in the complex. And they are the steam turbines, which will transform, through their movement, the steam energy into electrical energy.

With the use of Wortice solutions in steam turbines for power generation with wood , it is possible to achieve sufficient energy levels for internal use and also for the sale of surplus to companies that supply energy to cities, for example.

Steam turbines in the generation of energy with wood

The generation of energy with wood requires a complete park in which steam turbines are present. They are responsible for receiving the steam from the burning of wood or its waste, and transforming it into electrical energy.


The high-pressure steam produced by burning wood or its waste drives the rotors of steam turbines. When activated, the rotors run the blades that are installed in them, and the movement of these generate kinetic energy and, later, mechanical energy.

This mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy that can be used by the timber industry itself or resold to companies that supply cities, industrial parks, etc.

Everything about steam turbines for power generation with wood is with Wortice

Wortice specializes in steam turbines with highly skilled teams, technology and extensive headquarters. Our Process Engineering and Maintenance teams are responsible for custom projects with equipment, parts and components suitable for each application, such as for power generation with wood .

Therefore, when purchasing or performing maintenance on steam turbines for generating energy using wood, Wortice solutions are the best on the market.

In addition to all this, Wortice has differentials that make it stand out in the market, such as:

  • Professionals with over 40 years of experience in the field
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency call
  • Technical team available for on-site assistance
  • Factory and Team available 24 hours a day
  • 100% Brazilian technology
  • Environmental & Social Responsibility

Contact Wortice right now to learn more about the company and how our steam turbine solutions can help in your project or plant for generating energy with wood.

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