Steam Turbine Repowering

We all know that the lifespan of an industrial park has an expiration date. This makes the industries look for solutions, whose cost and benefit are the best to avoid excessive expenses in unfavorable times. With steam turbines it's the same thing. Thanks to the advancement of technology and human knowledge, steam turbines have received attention from companies specializing in a very important service: the repowering of steam turbines.

It is in this scenario Wortice presents itself as a reference in steam turbine repowering, with professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the market, technology and a wide headquarters to carry out the repowering of steam turbines. Wortice provides the most varied sizes.

What is steam turbine repowering?

Steam turbines, which are responsible for transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy in machinery such as mills, choppers, shredders, turbo-pumps, exhaust fans, centrifuges, blowers, propellers, compressors, fans, among others, can have their factory standards improved, in order to continue being used without the need to acquire more modern ones.


The repowering of steam turbines performs the “Redefinition of the rated power originally designed, through the adoption of technological advances and more modern design concepts”.


The repowering of steam turbines is a process of improving the functional parameters that will allow:

  • service life extension
  • increase in production and reliability
  • security in its operation
  • maintenance reduction

The repowering of Wortice steam turbines is carried out by professionals with extensive experience in the market, using high technology. To learn more about this Wortice steam turbine repowering service, contact our professionals by clicking here .

But what are steam turbines?

Steam turbines are present in equipment such as mills, chippers, shredders, turbo-pumps, exhaust fans, centrifuges, blowers, propellers, compressors, fans, among others that serve numerous industrial segments.


Steam turbines work by converting the energy present in the steam into electrical energy. It can be said that this process takes place in three main stages:

  1. From steam energy to motion energy (kinetic)
  2. From kinetic energy to work (mechanical) energy
  3. From mechanical energy to electrical energy

From steam to energy

All these energy transformations in steam turbines take place because the steam enters the turbine with a certain pressure and temperature, being sent to the expansion plate that directs it to the blades.
These are the blades, connected to a rotor or shaft, which rotate by the presence of steam and convert the result of this action into electrical energy.

Wortice Differentials in Steam Turbine Repowering

The repowering of steam turbines is a serious matter that demands knowledge, planning and execution in line with the strictest safety and efficiency standards, so that steam turbines are renewed in all their aspects to improve their productive performance.

Therefore, when researching companies that carry out the repowering of steam turbines, you must consider human and technological support. And in these matters, Wortice is a reference!

This is due to the experience of more than 40 years of its founders and an engineering and maintenance sector aligned with the most modern techniques for repowering steam turbine.

In addition to it, Wortice has other differentials, such as:

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency call
  • Technical team available for on-site assistance
  • Factory and Team available 24 hours a day
  • 100% Brazilian technology
  • Environmental & Social Responsibility

For all these reasons, we can guarantee that the repowering of Wortice steam turbines guarantees an increase in production, following strict safety parameters and the use of ideal parts, accessories and components produced by the company itself.

To learn more about Wortice steam turbine repowering, contact our professionals by clicking here .

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