Steam power generation

Using all resources in an industrial plant, in order to avoid waste and generate savings, is the mission of all specialized professionals at Wortice Energy.

Wortice Energy has the most complete and modern solutions in the steam power generation market . By means of steam power generation with Wortice Energy 's steam turbines , companies from different areas served by Wortice Energy gain energy independence and operational gains.

How does steam power generation work?

Wortice Energy 's steam power generation has several benefits for companies that operate with this modality. But before we know the advantages, it is necessary to understand it.


The operation of steam power generation happens with the use of steam turbines. They are responsible for transforming thermal energy (from steam) into kinetic energy (from the movement of the turbines) and, finally, into electrical energy.

Maximum performance

So that this operation is the best possible and the full potential of steam is used, coming from the burning of biomass, for example, Wortice Energy offers the market and its customers 360º solutions .

Advantages of steam power generation

With Wortice Energy you can be sure that steam power generation using steam turbines will perform better. In addition to specialized professionals with more than 45 years of experience in this segment, the company also has:


  • Department of Process Engineering and Maintenance;
  • custom designs;
  • parts and components.


But there are still other important advantages to be known of steam power generation with the Wortice Energy quality mark, the main ones being:


  • energy self-sufficiency;
  • cost reduction;
  • environmental awareness.

What activities benefit from steam power generation?

With professionals with over 45 years of specialized technical knowledge in steam turbines, Wortice Energy understands the steam power generation market like no one else.

This places Wortice Energy in a prominent position, making the company a reference for many activities that can benefit from steam power generation, such as:


  • açaí
  • food and drinks
  • rice farmer
  • forest biomass
  • citrus
  • flour companies
  • fertilizers
  • lumber
  • furniture maker
  • oil and gas
  • pulp and cellulose
  • livestock
  • chemistry
  • urban solid waste
  • steel mills
  • sugar energy
  • thermoelectric

Complete steam power generation system

Interested in using the generated steam to supply all sectors of your company with electricity? Contact Wortice Energy!

Wortice Energy is a reference in steam power generation using steam turbines for several segments of the economy. Technology, efficiency and support from the company's tripod.

To learn more about steam power generation, get to know Wortice Energy and the complete solutions presented by the company for you to have more productive and operational gains with the rational use of by-products for clean and lower cost energy!


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