Spare Parts for gearboxes

Maintenance of machinery is very important in several periods for the industry, whether preventive, corrective or routine, so Wortice meets the most varied requirements of companies, especially when we talk about spare parts for gearboxes.

Maintenance parts are replacement parts for gearboxes, manufactured with high quality in each component, given the impact and importance within your company's production chain.

What are spare parts for gearboxes?

Spare parts for gearboxes are necessary components for the maintenance of gearboxes in your plant or industry, returning your machine to proper functioning.

When purchasing spare parts, you receive the necessary components to return your Gearbox to its proper working state.

When must we order spare parts for gearboxes?

If you do not have a maintenance plan, it’s very important to have a stock of spare parts for your gearboxes.

By having spare parts in stock, you reduce the chances of losses due to the equipment being stopped for a long time.

If your company does not have the availability of parts in stock, we recommend hiring Wortice maintenance plan and we will take care of the storage of spare parts for your company.

What are the spare parts for gearboxes?

A very important question asked by those looking for spare parts for their gearboxes, which are the main components that Wortice works on.

Among the main parts to be worked on for the maintenance of your equipment and for it to return to its proper functioning, Wortice mainly supplies the components listed below:

  • Radial Bearing;
  • Radial Axial Bearing;
  • Axial Pads;
  • Sealing Rings;
  • Adjustment Stem;
  • Quick Closing Stem;
  • Labyrinth Bushes;

Are these parts only for corrective or preventive maintenance?

It’s very important to remember that spare parts for gearboxes manufactured by Wortice can be used both for preventive and corrective maintenance, that is, allowing maintenance that will avoid unforeseen events during the performance of your work.

If you need spare parts for gearboxes, whether for preventive or corrective maintenance, Wortice supplies the parts that will assist in the correct maintenance of your equipment, which will generate greater production gains and more agility in the day to day, since that well maintained machinery provides greater productivity for your company and cost reduction.

Are Wortice spare parts used on products from other manufacturers?

As each manufacturer uses a manufacturing and design procedure, it’s important to emphasize that an analysis must be carried out.

The spare parts for gearboxes offered by Wortice are made according to each model of equipment with manufacturing focused on models designed by us.

However, Wortice is a company that provides multi-brand technical assistance, which means that any equipment, from any manufacturer, can also receive our maintenance through analysis and evaluation by our technical department for the proper manufacture of spare parts.

How is the production process of spare parts for gearboxes?

The production process of spare parts for gearboxes has quality control in each stage, thus allowing the manufacture of each part with very high quality.

Spare parts for gearboxes contain parts that are sent for a heat treatment that will benefit the material. Returning from this stage, a final machining is carried out, having to go through the technical specifications of the material and dimensional and through a quality control that is finally available to be sent to the customer.

Does Wortice work with ready-to-delivery parts?

Wortice has a strategic stock that is planned to serve customers who have maintenance contracts, making it possible, through this model, for prompt delivery for emergency maintenance of spare parts for gearboxes.

However, for spare parts for gearboxes that are not in our base, it’s required to evaluate the equipment model, because depending on the manufacturing period or even the manufacturer, it may not be in our stock, thus needing to wait for the tailor-made production.

Is there specific certification for the production of spare parts for gearboxes?

Certifications for the production of spare parts for gearboxes vary according to each manufacturer and their certifications.

You can have peace of mind when purchasing Wortice parts , as we meet strict quality and control standards, carrying out production according to the technical specification that each machinery demands. So that there are no changes within the operation of your gearboxes, thus not affecting your production process.

Where can we find spare parts for gearboxes?

Wortice is the right company for you to find this type of equipment, providing individualized service for every need of your company. We have a wide range of complete solutions so that you can have peace of mind and focus on your production processes.

By filling out the form below, you can talk to one of our experts. Wortice has professionals with over 40 years of expertise, its own factory and a one-year warranty on all equipment and services.

If you want to find spare parts for gearboxes, talk to one of our specialists who will be ready to answer all your questions.

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