Planned Maintenance in the Off Season: understand the importance

Every agribusiness production chain respects the same concept: time. It determines the rain and other important points so that the land and what is planted in it, bears the desired fruit.

One of these points is the off season. During this period, many maintenance services are performed on all machinery used in harvesting, production and other segments within agribusiness. Wortice, as a partner of this important company in the economy and formed by professionals with more than 40 years of experience, is specialized in planned maintenance in the off-season.

Off season concept

Each and every culture has its characteristics and the right time to plant, care for and harvest. It also has its downtime, when the land undergoes a renovation process and planned off-season maintenance is carried out in the industrial park.

Off-season, therefore, is the period determined by the end of the harvest with the beginning of the new cycle. In this context that Wortice stands out. The company combines a lot of knowledge and experience with high technology to offer its customers and the market, the best solutions in planned maintenance during the off-season.

What is planned off-season maintenance?

We know that the operation of an agroindustrial park requires a lot of care throughout the harvest so that unnecessary stops and losses do not happen and, consequently, do not cause losses that can compromise the whole year.

Therefore, companies that place their employees to try to predict possible damages and stoppages are the ones that work with planned maintenance. And when these services are performed in the off season, the risk of any incidents drops considerably.

For the planned maintenance in the off-season to happen, it is important to count on companies whose profile is the result of experience, credibility and a lot of technology.

In this context, Wortice is your best choice! Below, Wortice presents you the best planned maintenance processes in the off-season.

Predictive Maintenance

We know that throughout the season the machinery is used to its limit, often without any interruption. This makes planned off-season maintenance even more important. Within this concept of planned off-season maintenance, predictive maintenance is the set of processes that best suits this reality.

In general, we can define Predictive Maintenance as a series of processes carried out in machinery to check for possible failures that may compromise, to varying degrees, production.

About planned off-season maintenance, a prediction stands out, because it encompasses management, monitoring, organization and safety through the analysis of:

  • fluids
  • vibration
  • thermography
  • process parameters

With Predictive Maintenance it is possible to monitor the machinery not only in a certain period of use, but in a more global way. As a result, planned off-season maintenance takes on a more specific and specialized character.

Preventive maintenance

Planned off-season maintenance also aims to avoid unpleasant surprises throughout the season.

Preventive Maintenance allows you to recognize the problems that can happen. Thus, last-minute maintenance costs are reduced.

However, there is no mistake: the maintenance planned in the off-season must be carried out by Wortice, as the company works with professionals with over 40 years of experience and is located in the most important center in Brazil in the production of machinery for the agribusiness sector .

Benefits of planned off-season maintenance

There are many benefits of planned off-season maintenance. We can say that the first one is Predictability: the constant verification and analysis of the main points of the machinery allow you to know it in a comprehensive way. With this, it is possible to stagger the planned maintenance in the off-season.

Wortice highlights three other benefits of planned off-season maintenance:

  • does not affect the beginning of the next harvest;
  • with the use of appropriate parameters, decision making is more assertive;
  • greater knowledge of machinery variables allows for more efficiency and speed in maintenance.

Do you want to know more? Wortice has complementary content specially created by our professionals about planned off-season maintenance to clear up all your doubts and learn even more about our company .

Why should you choose Wortice for planned off-season maintenance?

Wortice is a reference in planned maintenance in the off-season, because it has a lot of technology and professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the market. Such characteristics place the company at the top. In addition to it, we have:

  • Urgent and Emergency on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Technical team available for on-site assistance;
  • Factory and Team available 24 hours a day;
  • 100% Brazilian technology;
  • Environmental & Social Responsibility

You already know: planned maintenance in the off-season in agribusiness, Wortice is the right name that will allow careful analysis to improve and increase the lifespan of the machinery.

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