Microgeneration of energy - what is the best solution?

Thanks to the technological advance provided by human knowledge, there are many solutions created to facilitate and optimize costs. One of these is micro-generation of energy .

Generation of energy focuses on companies that need to diversify their electricity supply, often using their own resources, such as waste from their production or the reuse of heat.

If you have this need, you are in the right content! Here you will find out how Wortice Energy can help you with energy microgeneration .

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Benefits of micro power generation

The microgeneration of energy takes place through the installation of a complex and modern system whose main element is the steam turbines of Wortice Energy .

In summary, micro-generation of energy will benefit the company in the following ways:


  • conscious use of utility energy;
  • cost reduction;
  • reuse of waste from production and/or heat, resulting from the processes carried out by the company.


In addition to the benefits of micro-generation of energy mentioned above, Wortice Energy also guarantees complete assistance with a team of professionals specialized in steam turbines for micro-generation of energy. Meet our Engineering department .

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How is the installation of micro power generation done?

For the microgeneration of energy in your small or medium-sized company to achieve the expected results in terms of return on investment and the reuse of waste and heat from the industrial processes involved, you need to count on specialists at all stages. .

Wortice Energy is your solution, because, from the project to the installation and start-up of energy microgeneration , you will have the best engineers by your side, providing you with the ideal equipment , parts and components to meet your demand.


As energy microgeneration is designed for small or medium-sized companies that often do not have enough human resources to operate the system full time , Wortice Energy prepares the entire system to be automated, thus not needing the full supervision of an operator.

Quality control

Customer satisfaction is what drives Wortice Energy . In order to do it, the company uses strict quality control rules and norms, so that customized projects in energy microgeneration can be recognized by the market as the safest, most efficient and modern.


Wortice Energy is also a reference in the maintenance of steam turbines and other equipment. Find out more here!

Make a budget

For which companies is micro-generation of energy suitable?

Micro-generation of energy is suitable for small and medium-sized companies that need to balance their bills through the conscious use of electricity.

Wortice Energy 's micro-generation of energy is used.

To find out how to have a micro-generation system with the most modern steam turbines on the market, contact Wortice Engineering or see here the company's areas of operation.

Where can I find a complete micro-generation power system?

So that you can boost your energy use and consciously reuse waste and heat from your company's industrial processes, count on Wortice Energy and its complete energy microgeneration system.

Wortice Energy 's micro-generation of energy was developed by the best professionals in the market, with technology and automation: all this to help and facilitate the operation.

To learn more about Wortice Energy and its complete micro-generation system using the most modern steam turbines, contact us .


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