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Condenser Maintenance

About condenser maintenance, you should be aware, as performing it correctly ensures good functionality and increases the equipment's lifespan.

A steam turbine is a robust piece of equipment, it contains sensitive components that need regular care. However, just having the steam turbine available does not necessarily ensure correct operation. It’s necessary that the maintenance of condensers is up to date, ensuring their performance and their full operating capacity.

How important is <strong>Condenser Maintenance?</strong>

How important is Condenser Maintenance?

If a component of a system, which constitutes a mechanism, is performing its work incorrectly, there will be an overload on the other devices that are in interaction with it. Therefore, overloading will reduce the lifespan of the other parts of the set.

With the maintenance of condensers, the problem can be solved with the replacement of the defective component, to ensure the preservation of the other devices. In any industrial mechanism, improvisation can generate losses and even the complete stoppage of an industry's production.

We can conclude that the main purpose of condenser maintenance is to reduce costs and increase productivity.

Wortice maintenance

We work with consolidated concepts of condenser maintenance engineering. Starting with the optimization of equipment, seeking cost reduction, in order to meet better maintainability, reliability and availability of equipment in processes.

With a high number of diversities and particularities, the maintenance engineering of condensers requires a growing set of professionals and systems specialized in their maintenance.

Thus, we act to reduce the number of reworks and losses that may occur.

We have a great knowledge in the industrial condenser maintenance market, with professionals with over 40 years of experience.

We offer services on all models of equipment and all manufacturers.

Our objective is to offer efficient solutions, with specialized technical maintenance, aiming at excellence in quality, contributing to the industrial sector in an ethical and productive way.

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Types of Condenser Maintenance

Corrective Condenser Maintenance

Corrective condenser maintenance is performed after the occurrence of a failure or breakdown of a system or mechanism component, this type of maintenance is intended to put an item in a position to perform its own function again in an integral way.

It’s important to inform that this type of condenser maintenance is the most expensive, takes more time and brings more damage to the company.

Preventive Condenser Maintenance

Preventive maintenance of condensers follows a previously designed standard, which establishes periodic stops with the objective of allowing the exchange of worn out parts for new ones, providing the perfect operation of the equipment for a previously determined period.

The preventive method provides a certain pace of work, providing operational stability for the smooth running of the processes.

Predictive Condenser Maintenance

Predictive condenser maintenance is one that indicates the actual operating conditions of equipment based on data that inform their wear or degradation process.

It’s maintenance that predicts the lifespan of equipment components and the conditions for this life time to be put to good use.

Objectives of performing <strong>Predictive and Preventive Condenser Maintenance</strong>

Objectives of performing Predictive and Preventive Condenser Maintenance

  • Determine, in advance, the need for condenser maintenance services on a specific piece of equipment;
  • Eliminate unnecessary disassembly for inspection;
  • Increase equipment availability time;
  • Reduce unplanned emergency work;
  • Prevent further damage;
  • Take advantage of the total lifespan of equipment components;
  • Increase the confidence level in the performance of a steam turbine;
  • Determining manufacturing interruptions in advance to take care of equipment that requirements condenser maintenance.

Learn more about Condenser Maintenance offered by Wortice

With its physical headquarters located in Sertãozinho, a city located in the country of São Paulo state, Wortice is a condenser maintenance company that, in addition to having specialized workforce, operates in accordance with all safety standards, always aiming at total excellence in the service dedicated to each customer.

In addition to offering condenser maintenance, Wortice offers different industrial solutions in power generation, such as:

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