How to generate energy from rice husk

This environmental liability can be your solution to save energy.

Rice husk has a relatively high calorific value, due to its low humidity, around 12%. Today, many steam boiler companies are specialists in burning this material, which, with little weight, generates a considerable amount of steam.

Rice husk is extremely light and voluminous, which makes its transport for removal from the rice processing industries very expensive. Then, disposal is often done illegally, ending up in crops or river bottoms, which can cause heavy fines to companies.

This fact mentioned above, added to the increasingly expensive energy values at the concessionaires and the instability of the free energy market, makes the Power Generation from the burning of rice husks a cheap and necessary solution. Not to mention that Brazil will return to operating at full load, the lack of energy will be imminent.

In conclusion, we have that rice husk is a liability for industries, very low cost for marketing and difficult to transport. On the other hand, it has good calorific value and there are specific steam boilers for burning it. This sum of factors makes the thermoelectric plants powered by this fuel have one of the cheapest energies generated on the market.

Wortice’s turbo generators and thermoelectric plants meet this type of generation with efficiency and low operating costs.

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