Generation of energy from waste

Technology allied to man's need to innovate to contribute to a fairer society that protects the environment, has led to the emergence of new technologies. One of them is the generation of energy from waste .

The generation of energy from garbage is an alternative that provides for the reduction of the accumulation of garbage in sanitary landfills and/or the amounts that are indiscriminately dumped in the streets and other inappropriate spaces, in order to create a new source of energy.

In this sense, Wortice Energy is prepared to contribute to the market of power generation from waste with technology and knowledge accumulated over 45 years of its founders. In this content you will learn how Wortice Energy works in the generation of energy from waste, whether solid or organic, with its steam turbines .

Garbage is not the end

Human beings have been taught to understand that garbage is the last stage of everything we consume and that, therefore, it must be rerun from our lives. The problem is that the destination is not always the most correct.

However, in recent years it has been realized that waste has great potential in the energy matrix. By uniting the volume of waste produced per day with the need for new sources, the technology for generating energy from waste began to be studied and developed.

Two ways of generation

The generation of energy from waste can be done in two ways: by burning or by biodigestion.


  • The burning is intended for garbage that is in a solid state. The steam resulting from this process is sent to Wortice Energy 's steam turbines which, in motion, generate kinetic energy and this is converted into electrical energy;
  • Biodigestion is used for organic waste. The bacteria feed on the material and produce the biogas. This is burned in boilers with hot water and the steam is sent to Wortice Energy 's steam turbines, which will run, creating energy.


What is the role of Wortice Energy in generating energy from waste?

As you have already noticed in this content prepared by professionals specialized in power generation from Wortice Energy's waste, the process, whether by burning or biodigestion, will not have its cycle successfully completed without the presence of steam turbines . And that's where Wortice Energy puts all its potential .

Wortice Energy is a reference in offering the most different areas of activity , technological solutions that meet all requires. Among them are steam turbines.


In order to be able to offer the most modern steam turbines for generating energy from waste, Wortice Energy has professionals with over 45 years of experience in the market.


At the Wortice Energy headquarters in Sertãozinho, a city in the country of the State of São Paulo, technology is present in a complete structure to meet the most different requires of the market and its customers in steam turbines for generating energy from waste. .

360º solutions

This is what Wortice Energy calls its service framework that is present in all phases: from customized projects, through maintenance and parts and components.

Steam turbines in the generation of energy from waste

Wortice Energy 's steam turbines are responsible for ensuring that, both in the burning process and in the biodigestion process, the steam produced is used to generate electricity.

To make it even clearer, we separate below three fundamental steps of how Wortice Energy 's steam turbines are applied in the process of generating energy from waste, converting steam energy into electrical energy:


  1. From steam energy (thermal) to kinetic (turbine motion);
  2. From kinetic energy to mechanics;
  3. From mechanics to electrical.


If you have any questions about how Wortice Energy 's steam turbines contribute to the generation of energy from waste, talk to Wortice .

Learn all about generating energy from waste

With the experience of the professionals at Wortice Energy, you will receive all the assistance to understand and plan the use of steam turbines in the generation of energy from waste.

In addition to being able to receive a personalized project, with Wortice Energy you can count on support and specialized assistance, so that the generation of energy from waste is even more effective.

Learn more about Wortice Energy by contacting us .


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