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Maintenance Engineering

Maintenance engineering designs modifications and improvements in equipment, processes and systems, optimizing and avoiding possible failures.

At Wortice we will lead the maintenance engineering project with three pillars, so, we provide a production process solution in a safer, more reliable and productive way.

The three pillars of maintenance engineering:


  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Maintenance
Difference between <br /><strong>Process Engineering and Maintenance Engineering</strong>

Difference between
Process Engineering and Maintenance Engineering

Wortice offers solutions in process engineering and also in maintenance engineering; both are essential for industries and have the objective of performing the highest productivity and maximizing profits.

However, process engineering is focused on understanding the entire operational process involved and providing a project with the best viable solutions to further amplify production processes.

When we are talking about maintenance engineering, the focus is to carry out equipment analysis to improve reliability, availability and maintainability, preventing downtime, which could generate great losses.

The ideal condition is to have periodic maintenance engineering procedures along with process analysis with process engineering solutions.

Maintenance Engineering Objectives

Maintenance engineering aims to identify in advance the possible failures that may arise, map how these failures manifest themselves, what would be the effects of these failures if they happen and what should be done when these failures occur.

Wortice carries out the elaboration of a maintenance plan focused on reliability. The Wortice engineering team actively participates in the maintenance plan, mainly collaborating to build the analysis of failure modes and effects.

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The three pillars of Maintenance Engineering

Reliability in Maintenance Engineering

Reliability in maintenance engineering would be the probability that a given item, equipment, system or process will perform its required function in a given period of time.

Availability in Maintenance Engineering 

Availability in maintenance engineering would be the percentage of time that equipment has been performing its required function.

Maintenance in Maintenance Engineering

Maintainability in maintenance engineering would be the ease of performing maintenance. It can also be defined as the probability that a technician will perform maintenance within the given time frame.

Wortice – Engineering Maintenance

We have a great knowledge in maintenance engineering, counting on professionals with over 40 years of experience. We offer services on all models of equipment and all manufacturers.

Our objective is to offer efficient solutions, with specialized technical engineering, aiming at excellence in quality, contributing to the industrial sector in an ethical and productive way.

We have specialized technical assistance at the factory and on site for:


  • Corrective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (MCC)
  • Renovation, RetroFit and Modernization
  • Operational interventions
  • Replacement of parts and components
  • Equipment installations, commissioning and start-up
  • Inspections with technical report preparation and performance monitoring


We also have specialized technical assistance on call, with a team available for field service and a manufacturing structure with 24-hour availability for technical services.

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Maintenance Engineering services offered by Wortice

With its physical headquarters located in Sertãozinho, a city in the country of São Paulo state, Wortice is a company that provides solutions in process engineering, which in addition to having specialized labor, operates in accordance with all safety criteria, always aiming at total excellence in the service dedicated to each customer.

In addition to offering maintenance engineering solutions, Wortice offers different industrial solutions in power generation, such as:

For more information about maintenance engineering or other services that Wortice offers, contact us by phone+55 (16) 3511-0220 or send an e-mail to


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