Energy Transition

When we talk about energy, we think of Wortice Energy. The company is a reference in the market, serving with quality, technology and customized solutions .

Wortice Energy 's steam turbines are designed by highly specialized professionals who make up the Engineering department . They are the ones who will address in this content a subject that has been highlighted in the world: the energy transition.

If you don't know what the energy transition is, continue here and find out how Wortice Energy operates in this segment .

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What is the energy transition?

In recent decades, and with the advancement of technology and worrisome weather events, companies have sought to invest in safer and more economically efficient solutions that are also aligned with more sustainable practices of energy use and production.


This is how we can define the energy transition , which has in Wortice Energy the entire human and technological apparatus: a movement that acts in a more conscious use of energy and how it can be produced from other elements present in nature and also from the reuse of certain materials from industrial production, for example.

Several looks

The energy transition proposes a closer look at how materials that were previously discarded or not used, can be the main source for power generation.

Therefore, the energy transition promotes the application of concepts ranging from:


  • waste management
  • energy efficiency
  • the reduction in the emission in the air and in the environment of contaminating residues


Such perspectives highlighted by the professionals at Wortice Energy on the importance of the energy transition are focused on a single issue: a change in thinking and attitude in the face of the unbridled consumption of natural resources.

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How to make the energy transition process?

Many segments served by Wortice Energy with steam turbines have realized that the energy transition is not just a matter of brand positioning in the market. On the contrary!

The energy transition is a process in which the change of internal and external mentality within a company passes, first of all, through the awareness that the renewal of natural resources has a slower speed than the need for use.

So, the energy transition , when made with Wortice Energy , gives a new meaning to by-products that were previously discarded: they become the raw material that will run the entire company, energetically speaking.

Below, you can see some steps that must be taken for the energy transition to be carried out successfully and using maximum performance.

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Good professionals

Before anything else, it is important to have experienced professionals in the energy transition market . Wortice Energy has a team of specialists who place the company as a reference in the energy transition process.


Technical feasibility must be thought out very calmly so that the energy transition delivers maximum performance. In order to do it, in addition to studies for the production of a project, it is important to have adequate equipment.

About all the machinery needed for the energy transition, Wortice Energy is also the biggest name in the market.

Installation and operation

With the help of good professionals and with the ideal project for your company, the installation and operation of the energy transition is even more complete. At Wortice Energy you will find everything you need, from parts and components to maintenance.


Energy transition is with Wortice Energy

The qualifications you need to carry out this important energy transition process can be found at Wortice Energy.

Wortice Energy is a reference company in the energy transition market, with equipment such as steam turbines , ideal for all project sizes.

Learn more about Wortice Energy and how it can help your company in the energy transition by clicking here .


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