Energy Generation by Forest Biomass

Generation by Forest Biomass has been increasingly used as an alternative energy source. If your company is interested in a suitably suitable project, Wortice can offer you the ideal solution.

What is the use of the Energy Generation by Forest Biomass project?

In our country, there is a mapping of large areas that have forest biomass without any type of economic value, thus, these areas are located in areas without logistical capacity for supply at the chain level making it impossible to supply wood for any type of industry.

These so-called “worthless” areas can be located on rough terrain, for example.

In this type of case, Wortice, thanks to its expertise, manages to work on a project for the Energy Generation by Forest Biomass in a logical and assertive way, favoring the reactivation of forest productivity.

We have the potential to promote the economy of this region and consequently of your company.

Whom is Energy Generation by <strong>Forest Biomass indicated for?</strong>

Whom is Energy Generation by Forest Biomass indicated for?

Every company, especially those that generate waste that can be transformed into fuel for boilers, are able to use forest biomass power generation.

But what are these residues? Some examples are: wood chips, saw dust and rice husks.

Another form of wood biomass, intended for generation and energy, is energy forests. Brazil has 7.45 million hectares of forest biomass, just in eucalyptus.

However, the forest biomass project can also be used for owners of forests of any other types of wood and who already have a specific area with potential for continuous biomass generation, so that these types of waste can continue the  power generation process in a natural and sustainable way.

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