Electricity generation by biomass

Brazil has always been a reference in the generation of electricity from natural and renewable sources with hydroelectric plants. But, in recent years, the generation of electric energy has developed new formulas, in addition to water, with the use of by-products from the agroindustry.

In this context, the generation of electricity from biomass takes the lead in research and sustainable development. To better understand about the generation of electric energy by biomass , Wortice professionals prepared this content.

If you Do you want to know more about the generation of electric energy by biomass, this content from Wortice will clarify all the main points.

What is biomass?

According to the professionals at Wortice, specialized in steam turbines for generating electricity from biomass, all and any plant or animal organic matter is biomass. Therefore, a vast field appears on the horizon that encompasses:


  • woody vegetables (woods);
  • non-woody vegetables (saccharides, cellulosic, starchy and aquatic);
  • organic waste (agricultural, industrial, urban);
  • biofluids (vegetable oils).


In the world, the generation of electric energy by biomass in the cogeneration system represents about 14% of all the energy consumed. Brazil has more than 500 biomass thermoelectric plants.

How can we convert biomass into electrical energy

The technology used in thermoelectric plants to generate electricity from biomass is robust and can be:

By Pyrolysis

Exposure of biomass to high temperatures without the presence of oxygen for its decomposition to produce gases, vegetable oils and charcoal.

By Gasification

Also exposing the biomass to high temperatures with little oxygen, the final product is a flammable gas that can be worked on to be even purer.

By Combustion

At high temperatures the biomass is burned in the presence of oxygen. The result is the production of a lot of high-pressure steam that is driven by Wortice 's steam turbines to drive boilers, for example.

It is the most used technology.

By Co-combustion

It combines biomass with mineral coal to generate electricity in thermoelectric plants.

Thermoelectric plants in the generation of electric energy by biomass

For the generation of electric energy by biomass to happen by one of the technologies described above, the system used is with thermoelectric. For each need there are specific primary and secondary technical attributes that include:


  1. Primary: unit power, efficiency, lifetime, part load efficiency and modularity, cold start time, load tracking, intermittent operation and capacity.
  2. Secondary: capacity and flexibility.


Characteristics of electricity generation by biomass

Knowing the generation of electric energy by biomass is to understand a little more about a viable solution for the use of animal and vegetable by-products and create conditions for the electric supply of industries and cities.



Biomass is a low-cost natural renewable source that can be easily found. Furthermore, during its use in power generation , there is no release of toxic gases that contribute to any environmental damage.


Despite having a lot of embedded technology, the generation of electric energy by biomass still requires improvements in the use of the material, because, currently, the utilization rates are small, which makes many thermoelectric plants use fossil fuels to improve the operation.

Biomass production is on a large scale and this is another issue: space for storage.

To conclude, some gases released in the generation of electricity by biomass that are released into the air can be polluting.

Learn more about generating electricity from biomass

Knowing the professionalism and technology used by Wortice 's Process and Maintenance engineers in steam turbines for generating electricity from biomass , you can be sure that the company is your best solution.

Qualified technical staff, technology and ideal structure are Wortice’s differentials for the biomass electric power generation sector.

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