Constant and quality energy for industry - what is the best solution?

We know that Brazil's industrial segment has increasingly satisfactory growth figures, taking products and the country's image to other countries with quality, efficiency and speed.

But for the entire production chain of the industry to continue at this pace, it is important to have constant, quality energy. About finding the best quality and constant energy solution for the industry , the right answer is Wortice Energy .

Wortice Energy is a company of innovative solutions for thermoelectric power generation, focusing on the reuse of biomass residues and recovery of residual energy.

In this content you will understand how Wortice Energy can help find the best solution for clean and constant energy for the industry with the most efficient steam turbines .

Dangers of power surge

When an industry does not have adequate energy supply, many problems can arise. Wortice Energy's team of experts in steam turbines for constant, quality power generation for industry presents the main dangers below:


  • operational insecurity, putting the lives of professionals at risk;
  • loss of machinery and products;
  • increase in maintenance costs or the purchase of new equipment;
  • loss accounting.


Therefore, operators must keep in mind that the best solution is to have a constant and quality energy source for the industry. How can we achieve this? Having Wortice Energy as a supplier of steam turbines for the generation of constant and quality energy for the industry.


Which industries need constant, quality energy?

When we say that industries need to be equipped with measures that provide them with constant and quality energy, we can think of a vast number of segments.

All industrial segments that have steam or biomass in their processes are served by Wortice Energy which manufactures its own equipment and parts, such as MWX steam turbines , which are used to generate constant, quality energy for industry .

Below you can see which industries need constant and quality energy and that, therefore, have in Wortice Energy a strong ally in the generation of constant and quality energy with steam turbines:


  • Woodworking, Locksmiths, Doors and Laminates, Furniture, Rice, Paper and Cellulose, Forestry Biomass, Food and Beverages, such as Açaí Kernel, Coconut Shell and Breweries, Fertilizers, Wood companies, Citrus, Livestock, Oil and Gas, Sugar-Energy, between others.

Wortice Technology Energy applied maximum automation and quality to guarantee true constant energy.

As we have seen, every industrial park requires to have a series of safety measures in order to prevent machinery from suffering from energy fluctuations.

Wortice Energy is the ideal option in providing innovative solutions for constant and quality power generation for the industry, because it has solid reasons to become a reference in the market. Look.



Behind the technology Wortice Energy applied for constant and quality energy for industry is an apparatus formed by human knowledge and complete physical structure.

The human pillar of Wortice Energy is formed by professionals specialized in steam turbines for constant and quality power generation for the industry with over 45 years of experience.

When we look at the structure of Wortice Energy, we realize that it is not by chance that the company is a reference in the best constant and quality energy solution for the industry , because:


  • has technical teams for on-site assistance;
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week urgent and emergency shifts;
  • employs 100% Brazilian technology;
  • has a responsible look at the environment and the society in which it operates.


How can Wortice Energy help in the generation of constant and quality energy for the industry?

With Wortice Energy, your industry can only gain About generating constant, quality energy for the industry . This is because the company is a reference in the manufacture of steam turbines for generating constant and quality energy.

In addition, only at Wortice Energy can you find the parts and components that must be used for the correct and efficient generation of constant, quality energy for the industry. Thus, you do not run the risk of an accident occurring.

To learn more about Wortice Energy and to understand how it can help with the best constant and quality energy solution for the industry, contact us .

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